Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Windows® registry?

The Windows® registry is a database that logs almost all of your activities on your PC. If you install new software, there's an entry made on your registry. If you uninstall software, this is also logged in the registry but almost always useless "bits and pieces" of that software are left behind. Any configuration settings or user profile changes you make on your Windows® are also logged in the registry.

So if you think about, almost everything you do gets logged somehow on the registry and if you consider what you do on your PC on a DAILY basis, it's no wonder that the registry grows and grows and grows with obsolete data.

2. Why do I have to "clean" the Windows® registry?

Just like any storage space, when the registry gets cluttered with unwanted, damaged, corrupt and useless information, it functions less efficiently. And when this happens, YOU start to experience slow system start times, system freezes and crashes, slow program launches, bluescreens, and so on.

3. What is QuickPCOptimizer (qPCo)?

qPCo is an advanced Windows® registry analyzer, optimizer and cleaner. It digs deep in the registry and figures out which entries should not be there anymore. After detecting these registry errors, it then safely and efficiently gets rid of them so that you end up with a lean and mean Windows® registry!

4. How does qPCo work?

qPCo applies a Scan-Detect-Repair approach to the Windows® registry. Firstly, it scans your Windows® registry and analyzes which entries are slowing down your PC or hampering its performance. Next, it informs you of what it has detected in the registry and presents this to you in a logical manner. Lastly, it repairs these registry problems.

By the way, no need to worry as qPCo repairs the registry as a full backup is ALWAYS created prior any changes. This is part of our SAFE OPTIMIZATION guarantee to you!

5. What makes qPCo different from other registry tools?

Firstly, qPCo applies a deep scanning technology when it analyzes the Windows® registry. This means that we uncover more problems than the average tool.

In addition, our users simply love all the extra PC performance tools that qPCo offers all for free!

QuickPCOptimizer Screenshot

6. How do I register for qPCo?

Just click the Register button at the top of the program and this will enable you to get a license that will unlock all of qPCo's features.

7. How do I get in touch with you guys?

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