Free Registry Cleaners vs. Commercial Registry Cleaners

registry-cleanerRegistry cleaners are software tools designed to repair and optimize the performance of a Windows computer system. These processes are performed by removing obsolete and invalid entries from a central database known as the registry.

Such entries may accumulate due to corruption or items that were left behind from a failed program removal or outdated driver. When this area becomes congested with a load of unwanted items, maintenance needs to be performed to get things back in order and ensure optimal performance.

Types of Registry Cleaners

When it comes to registry cleaners, you essentially have two types of products: free and paid commercial solutions. While both aim to deliver the same results of clearing up errors and unwanted items, they are quite distinct and far more areas than cost alone. The differences between the two could be the determining factor in choosing which type of product is best suited for your needs.

Free Registry Cleaners

Free registry cleaners are attractive for a number of reasons, the obvious being that you do not have to incur any costs to benefit from the overall value of the program. This could be a tremendous plus for the user who is not sure about spending money on such unfamiliar software or simply cannot afford to do so.

In addition to this, some of the free products actually perform well and do a fine job at removing entries and optimizing your PC. Indeed, free registry cleaners have their uses, but the disadvantages tend to greatly outweigh the advantages every time.

What most users do not realize before downloading a product is that free registry cleaners usually lack some of the key features and functionality you get with a commercial solution. While some allow you to upgrade to obtain added capabilities, for a fee of course, others leave you stuck with a program that is simply insufficient for your needs.

Because the product is being distributed free of charge, many vendors do not invest the resources needed to keep the application fresh with updates, to incorporate new features, or address any problems that were identified. The biggest feature often missing from these products is technical support. This basically means that if you encounter any issues, there is no paid support staff to lean on for guidance.

Another disadvantage of free registry cleaners is that you never know what you are downloading and installing on your computer. It could be a reliable program that does a decent job at detecting and eliminating errors, or one that simply displays an arsenal of errors to alarm you into purchasing a premium edition of the product.

You also have to be weary of registry cleaning tools that are actually malicious Trojan horses in disguise or bundled with potentially dangerous programs such as adware or spyware. The web is infested with trickery and deceit so one must always proceed with caution when deciding to download anything from online. The product that looks is if it will restore the health of your computer could end up damaging it to point of no repair.

Commercial Registry Cleaners

The biggest downside to commercial registry cleaners is that you have to purchase the product. Although most are affordable, the price varies depending on the product and the distributor. However, when investing in a reliable tool, the disadvantages are quite minimal and easy to overlook.

Commercial registry cleaners normally provide all the features and functionality lacking in their free counterparts. They also tend to be more advanced with capabilities that stem beyond scanning and removal, including backup and defragmentation. Commercial products typically come attached with support to address technical concerns as well as regular updates to ensure the software is giving you the best possible performance.

With less worry over deficiencies and dangerous downloads, these programs just make for a more reliable option. Whereas many developers create free registry cleaners in their spare time, vendors marketing paid solutions have the resources needed to continually invest in the product and make sure it works properly.

Registry cleaners are reliable tools that can drastically enhance the performance of your PC. This holds true for both the free and paid variety. The big difference is that a commercial program is almost always more efficient and reliable than one that is free to use. For some, the peace of mind provided by a tried and tested solution is worth every penny in comparison to the all the hassle and risk that come along with free programs.

In the end, the right registry cleaning tool for you all boils down on your preference or specific needs. When basing your decision off these parameters, you are more likely to find an ideal tool that works whether you spend money for it or not.

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