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How to Clean the Windows Registry

registry-cleanerThe registry is a centralized database that forms the core of a Windows-based computer. This extensive catalog is where the operating system stores critical information that pertains to the software and hardware installed on your computer, configuration, user preferences and much more.

The registry grows through natural use and as it expands, your PC is subject to performance issues. Gradual usage such as installing and removing applications, downloading files from the internet, and performing various other computing tasks, could result in a number of invalid, obsolete or corrupt records that leave this critical area cluttered with unwanted records. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to remove these unwanted entries, clean the Windows registry and restore the optimal performance of your computer.

Registry Cleaning Software

First and foremost, you should know that the registry can be accessed with a built-in Windows utility called regedit (registry editor). As the name implies, this tool allows you to enter the registry and perform edits. This includes the removal of invalid or unwanted entries. However, the use or regedit is not recommended for inexperienced users as mistakes in this highly sensitive area can leave you with far more problems than you started out with. For those who lack the skill set this task requires, registry cleaners exist to safely probe the Windows registry and remove troublesome entries, as well as clean up the mess.

registry-cleanerRegistry cleaners are programs that offer the ability to automatically clean and repair the Windows registry. These tools are generally very easy to use and can resolve your performance problems in a matter of a few clicks. A reliable tool will enter the registry with ease, scan the area and fix a number of system errors that result from bad drivers, failed program installations and abandoned DDL files. This is often done by defragmenting the area, removing any holes that are detected, and then reorganizing those entries to the point where they are contiguous.

 The growing awareness of performance issues has resulted in a high demand for registry maintenance and to meet these needs, several third-party products have been introduced on the market. When looking for a solution, it is important to select a tool that is compatible with your computer system and meets your particular needs.

Remove Malicious Entries from the Registry

Malware is significant in today’s web-based world and this threat can have a direct impact on your PC. Viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware are just a few of the malicious programs that can be contracted from opening an infected email or visiting a compromised website. Aside from posing a threat to the security of your computer system, these malicious items also clutter your hard disk drive with potentially dangerous files and leave unwanted keys in the Windows registry. These entries can be embedded so deep into the core of your system that manually removing them is nearly impossible.

You don’t have to be a computer expert to know that this is not a good situation. These issues can be prevented by regularly running an efficient scanner to check for malicious items. A good anti-malware tool will seek out infections on your computer and remove their entries from the registry. To get the best results, make sure your security software receives the regular updates necessary to mitigate the most recent threats identified by security vendors.

Clean the Windows Registry with an Uninstaller Tool

 Failed or incomplete program installations or removals can lead to a large volume of files scattered all over your system and unwanted values in the registry. In most cases, a user performs the removal of a program with the Add/Remove programs utility found in the Windows operating system or the uninstaller specifically designed for that particular application. However, this process doesn’t always go smoothly as some files are not removed entire in wind up in the registry.

Similar to the cleaning programs mentioned above, there are a variety of third-party products designed to completely uninstall software applications and eliminate the clutter on your PC. A quality uninstaller product is another efficient tool for ensuring a clean and healthy registry.

The registry is the heart of your computer system. In order to enjoy a safe and smooth computing experience, this organ must be frequently maintained to keep it clear of unwanted and potentially harmful entries. Software products such as registry cleaners, anti-malware solutions and premium uninstallers make great tools to have in your arsenal. Because you might not be sure of the source, a combination of these tools gives you an even better chance of eliminating your registry problems.